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Welcome to Bryce Howard Online's livejournal community. Here you can join up and chat about Bryce with other fans on livejournal. Post pictures, news, fanart, icons, wallpapers, and whatever else you want! As long as it has to do with Bryce, it's welcome here. From time to time I will post some major updates about the website here - site news, big gallery or news updates, etc. Also know that any news or pictures you post here that aren't on the website already, will be added. If you are posting an image that you exclusively scanned by yourself, I will ask for permission to use it if you have not already specified.

Please don't direct link anything from the website on the community. Instead, post the url links to the pictures you wish to share.

01. If posting pictures or wallpapers of large quality and size, please put them under a livejournal cut.
02. If posting more than 4 livejournal icons, put the rest behind a livejournal cut. Please don't put any more than 4 or 5 icons in the teaser.
03. Absolutely no Bryce bashing will be allowed. This is a fan community for the actress, not a hate community. If you don't like Bryce, don't join, don't post, and leave us to our fandom and we'll leave you to your hate.
04. Feel free to post community promos, as long as they relate to Bryce, but don't overdue it. This isn't a promotional community, it's a community about Bryce. Any post promoting a community that doesn't relate to Bryce will be deleted without warning.
05. HAVE FUN!!!

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